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One Man's Journey From Metro to Kickstarter

That’s why he started a Kickstarter online fundraising project in January to raise the funds needed to shoot a documentary titled “What It Takes to Be an Ironman” about his experiences. It’s also a unique way, he said, to document the training leading up to his fourth ultra-distance triathlon event, which he’ll compete in this August at Lake Tahoe, Nev.

Wallace plans to make the documentary available online for free within a month after the Nevada race.

But don’t think you’ll be out of the woods and blissfully free of Metro-related frustrations if you quit the system.

In another recent guest post on the UnsuckDCMetro blog, titled “Metro Sucks Even If You Stop Riding,” yet another disgruntled D.C. dweller warns of the hazardous effects of commuting through the city by bike.

“Instead of dealing with the Orange Crush, I have to start worrying about reckless bus drivers,” the post read. Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority “buses will run red lights and come plowing through the pedestrian crosswalk.”

So, next time your train is delayed 20 minutes, the doors slide open mid-journey or you find yourself having to walk along the tracks because of sudden “electrical malfunctions,” remind yourself, Washingtonians: There is another way.

But before you make your decision, you might want to consider the side effects first, lest you find yourself panting around Dupont Circle dodging rogue WMATA buses every morning.

At the least, you might want to check out Wallace’s documentary to see the play-by-play of the post-boycott world.

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