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Obama Camp Defends 'Incomplete' Grade on Economy

In particular, Cutter ripped Ryan for continuing to pin the blame for the closing of a GM plant in Janesville, Wis., on the president when the decision to close it came before he took office. The Romney/Ryan campaign has, however, pointed to statements by candidate Obama that the plant could stay open if the government was a partner and helped it retool, and it said the larger point is that Obama has failed to keep his promises.

Ryan has continued to push the line of attack this week.

Cutter also said that unlike the Romney campaign, "we care about fact checks."

But they defended an attack by Biden on Romney as the recipient of federal bailout that costs taxpayers - a claim that the Romney campaign quickly noted the Washington Post's fact-checker rejected.

The Obama campaign was undeterred.

"He went to the federal government, the FDIC, for a bailout," LaBolt said. When Tapper pushed on the question of taxpayers being on the hook - the FDIC is funded by insurance premiums on bank deposits - Cutter said that the FDIC is ultimately taxpayer guaranteed.

The root of the charge is a Rolling Stone article, which reported a Romney consulting firm managed to avoid paying back $10 million in loans it owed to a bank the FDIC had taken over.

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