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'Nobody Is Going to Be Totally Happy' With Immigration Bill, McCain Says

Schumer also noted that the negotiators intend to design the bill so that it pays for itself with fees and fines — charged to undocumented immigrants — covering increased border protections.

McCain said technology would help accomplish the goal.

“The main thing we are going to try to see deployed is technology,” McCain said. “Surveillance capability both on the ground and in the air, that lessens requirement for roads or people.”

The group’s bill is also expected to make the path to citizenship for illegal immigrants contingent on whether the border is secure.

“I believe if we do the right thing ... that over a relatively short period of time, with the proper use of technology, with the proper coordination with different agencies that we will be able to say that we have a degree of border security that would allow people to move forward to a path to citizenship,” said McCain.

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