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Ney Says New Book Isn't About Settling Scores but Moving On

Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call File Photo

“If the Ethics Committee at the time had been constituted, I think I would’ve argued my case to them and possibly gotten a slap on the wrist. I would’ve rather taken my chances with my peers,” Ney told CQ Roll Call. “Now, I’m not stupid. The Justice Department would’ve come up with something else.”

The post-travel disclosure forms that Ney filed after trips to London and Scotland were integral to the case built by federal prosecutors.

Ney said he weighed running for office again in 2012 but dismissed the idea. He lives close to his family in Ohio, hosts a radio show and spends large chunks of time in India, where he wrote portions of the book. He maintains the book is not his attempt to settle scores but is a way to put that period his life behind him.

“The book was a way to go from upset to closure. I’m writing more about how I felt emotionally at that time,” Ney said.

Ney said he lives in the present these days and doesn’t worry about the future, but about one thing he is certain. “I will not lobby, I can tell you that much,” Ney said.

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