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National Small Business Week Turns 50 | Commentary

Given the need for a plan that includes a path to citizenship, the current Senate bill has overwhelming support among entrepreneurs. While we hope a carve-out is included for very small businesses for any kind of E-Verify requirement, Congress should move forward quickly and pass a bill that will fix our broken system.

A Taxing Issue

Lowering the deficit is a big deal for small businesses. They spend countless hours balancing their books and expect the government to do the same. But small businesses are pragmatic and realistic, and they know there must be give and take when it comes to our debt.

Our opinion polling found more than half of small businesses believe a plan to create jobs should be the top priority for Congress in 2013, instead of a plan to reduce the deficit. In light of our budget crisis, however, they believe everyone should pay their fair share in taxes. Sweeping majorities think loopholes that favor large corporations should be eliminated and three-quarters say their business is harmed when corporations use loopholes to avoid taxes. Bills including these policies are making their way through Congress and should be enacted posthaste.

Small businesses get a lot of lip service from politicians. As we reflect on small businesses this week, lawmakers should remember the hard work and compromises entrepreneurs have made over the decades. This week, and every week, policymakers should recall the president who proclaimed this event and ask themselves not what small businesses can do for them, but what they can do for small businesses. Our job creators, our economy and our country would be better off for it.

John Arensmeyer is the founder and CEO of Small Business Majority.

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