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More CAO Employees Needed to Process Furlough, Pay Requests

“Right not, what I’m doing is holding on to my staff, seeing what the weekend holds, then on Monday and Tuesday, if I can furlough without compromising my Constitutional duties, we can do that,” Rep. G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.) said.

That strategy, as well as its inverse, is kosher with the House Administration Committee, spokeswoman Salley Wood said.

“Somebody deemed nonessential today can actually be deemed essential tomorrow,” Wood said. “Managers can get in touch with employees to notify them of their furlough status.”

Of course, when the work dries up, so would the jobs. As less furloughs and requests need processing, the CAO would commence furloughing more of its own payroll employees.

And like every other government worker, pay for work done during the shutdown is not guaranteed. Congress must pass a spending bill with a provision providing back pay for those paychecks to be doled out.

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