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Monroe: Confirmations Would Give Energy to Energy

Unfortunately, the oil industry wants to derail this progress to protect their market share. Oil companies control the lion’s share of the infrastructure needed to integrate renewable fuel into our national gasoline supply, allowing them to stop opposition in a way that many other industries cannot.

President Barack Obama wants to get more renewable fuel to families: With his proposed Energy Security Trust Fund, American drivers can benefit from cheaper gas, cleaner air and improved national security.

Congress wants to get more renewable fuel to America: Last month the Senate rejected in a bipartisan manner an amendment from Sen. Patrick J. Toomey, R-Pa., that would have zeroed out funding for renewable fuel development by the Department of Defense.

Despite this momentum, legislative threats to the RFS remain. We must continue to avoid short-term energy policy changes that imperil America’s communities, families and businesses. Maintaining the RFS ensures that America’s renewable fuel industry — from traditional, advanced or cellulosic sources — keeps growing our economy.

We can get to this future of lower gas prices, more jobs and increased security and investment if the RFS stays unchanged. And the path forward will be smoother if we have leaders who can not only add their voices to the growing chorus of renewable fuel supporters, but have the experience to execute on that vision. McCarthy and Moniz have the backgrounds to help this incredible industry flourish. We hope Congress continues to do the same.

Adam Monroe is president of Novozymes North America, a manufacturer of enzymes, microorganisms and biopharmaceutical ingredients.

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