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Meal Ticket: The Breakfast Club

It’s been called the most important meal of the day. Yet too many in this town breeze right by it, vowing to make up any missed calories at lunch, dinner or fourthmeal.

No más. We put together this guide to morning meals on both sides of the aisle for every budget, whether you’re a penny-pinching intern, a stable staffer or a well-to-do member.

Intern: Market Lunch

Weekend crowds swoop in for the coveted blueberry buckwheat pancakes. But this venerable carryout serves up equally enviable goodies every morning.

Fueled by flour power? Market Lunch prepares flapjacks and French toast like clockwork. Each stack of fluffy but filling griddle cakes tastes even better with a slow-melting scoop of creamy butter and shot of warm syrup.

Prefer protein? Fried fish platters include your choice of cod, haddock or whiting flanked by grits, eggs, potatoes and bread.

Light in the wallet? Go straight for the side of fried whiting, featuring twin strips with zesty tartar sauce for less than you’d spend on a gourmet muffin elsewhere. Or you can get a single egg or plain toast for 95 cents each.

225 Seventh St. SE; open for breakfast Tuesday through Sunday.

Staff: Tune Inn

No matter the hour, you’re bound to find someone (and likely, someone you know) bending the elbow at the Tune Inn. And what do the inebriated like to do most? Gossip.

So, just keep your head down while polishing off something hearty — biscuits and gravy summons four halves of buttermilk goodness bathed in spiced sausage-studded cream, while the cheddar-chili omelet (splurge on jalapenos!) delivers eggs, beans, beef and molten dairy by the forkful — and drink in the local color.

Totally out-of-context gems we recently collected:

“I heard Jimmy got out of jail.”

“Ohio just sucks!”

“How long do you figure a cat can live without eating?”

331 Pennsylvania Ave. SE; open for breakfast Tuesday through Sunday.

Member: Sonoma

This well-known wine bar now caters to early risers; the restaurant rolled out a gourmet breakfast service in late January targeting Capitol Hill’s most discerning palates.

Small-plate lovers can conquer mornings via “breakfast charcuterie” spreads featuring lusty cured meats and organoleptic cheeses accompanied by focaccia and pickled vegetables.

An eponymous frittata folds caramelized onions, stewed peppers and herb-laced sausage into puffy eggs, crowning the entire production with a mound of heavenly Parmesan-spiked ricotta. The end product is more than an oeuf.

A breakfast-dessert mashup reveals spongy blocks of French toast bread pudding seasoned with hazelnut spice and drizzled in boozy sambuca sauce.

223 Pennsylvania Ave. SE; open for breakfast Monday through Friday.

Intern: Nothing but Donuts

If money’s tight, you can always opt for a single doughnut — $1 for your choice of a dozen different flavors baked fresh daily — and perhaps a cup of Seattle’s Best ($1.78).

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