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McCain Warns Against Abandoning Afghanistan

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The South Carolina Republican added that he believes it will be possible to bring some troops home this summer, but “if we accelerate withdrawals right now because we are war weary, we are going to lose this war.”

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin disagreed. The Illinois Democrat said on “Meet the Press” that when he voted in favor of the Afghan war 10 years ago, “I didn’t vote for the longest war in American history. I didn’t vote for 100,000 troops 10 years later in Afghanistan.”

Durbin said Obama promised to bring U.S. troops out of Afghanistan, and he should make good on that promise.

“Bring these troops home and let the Afghans deal with the future of their country,” Durbin said. “The United States cannot literally go from one country after another around the world with all the instability and say that, ultimately, our men and women in uniform will put their lives on the line for the stability of every nation in transition.”

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