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Lieberman Blasts Panel Republican for Leaking Secret Service Probe Details

The inspector generalís office cannot make a case for turning its probe into a criminal investigation because the Justice Department says it canít accept the officeís report since the trial attorney in charge is working another case, according to Johnson.

ďIt is unclear why the workload of one trial attorney at DOJ would prevent the department from making a determination that would enable the OIG to conduct a full and independent investigation into such an important matter,Ē he said in the memo. ďIt is critical that these barriers be removed to allow the DHS OIG full access to foreign nationals and foreign records, and to ensure that the OIGís efforts are truly independent prior to the office commencing the next phase of its investigation.Ē

Johnsonís memo said there are discrepancies between public statements and information uncovered in the inspector generalís investigation that suggest administration officials misled or withheld information from Congress.

Specifically, Johnson notes that Sullivan told senators during a hearing in May that information at that time indicated that none of the prostitutes was involved in intelligence or criminal activities.

One of the prostitutesí names was flagged in an intelligence database and is ďstill of concern,Ē according to the memo.

But a source familiar with the inspector generalís report has said the probe into the possible ties of that particular prostitute has come up inconclusive and that itís important to note that the report ultimately concludes that the presidentís security was never jeopardized by Secret Service agentsí actions on the Cartagena trip.

Niels Lesniewski contributed to this story.

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