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Liberal Groups Launch Contract of Their Own

Rep. Jan Schakowsky has already offered two bills supporting the contract. The Illinois Democrat who has been working closely with the groups has introduced legislation making new tax brackets for high-income earners and plans to introduce a bill creating 2.2 million jobs for teachers, firefighters, health care providers and students.

“If you listen to Washington, it’s just about cuts. ... That could make the job situation worse,” she said on the call introducing the Contract for the American Dream. “We have to grow our way out of this.”

Critics of contracts say a document isn’t the way. Lisa Miller, head of the Washington-based Tea Party WDC, did not sign the Contract From America and said it only played a minor role in the movement’s growth. She expects the same will be true of the liberal one.

“The problem with these pledges is that the legislation that’s connected to it or identified with it may not reflect or accomplish those goals,” Miller said.

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