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Lawmakers Say Sequester Replacement Plan Slipping to Late March

“There’s about a month between the sequester and the CR. You’ve got a little bit of time,” Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla, said.

In the Senate, Reid has made clear he plans to unveil his own $120 billion sequester replacement package Thursday, with an evenly divided mix of spending cut and tax hikes to offset the automatic cuts. And he has said he will put the measure on the floor early in the week of Feb. 25. But Reid also has signaled there is plenty of leeway after March 1 to complete final action on a sequester alternative.

Boehner reiterated on Wednesday that he did not plan to move a House GOP sequester replacement plan, while emphasizing that the House had passed its own alternative roster of spending cuts to head off the sequester in December.

Senate Appropriations Chairwoman Barbara A. Mikulski of Maryland, an adviser to Reid on his sequester substitute, said she remains focused on the March 1 deadline, however, and has scheduled a hearing Thursday to examine the potential effects of federal worker furloughs.

“That’s in the law. On March 1, the sequester is triggered,” Mikulski said. “I don’t deal in theories. I deal in the laws. Theories are for physicists.”

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