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LaTourette: Cooperation or Campaigning -- Obama Must Decide What His Legacy Will Be

We have a debt and deficit crisis that grows deeper every single day. We have an economy that continues to struggle: Unemployment hovers at near 8 percent, and far too many Americans are unable to make ends meet. We have out-of-control health care costs and an overly complex tax code that makes American businesses uncompetitive in the global marketplace. We need a comprehensive strategy for energy independence, one that protects our fragile environment while at the same time protecting American workers. We have a crumbling infrastructure and an education system that is leaving far too many children behind.

None of the challenges will simply go away on their own, and another political campaign cycle will not get us any closer to common-sense solutions to this myriad of issues.

There are members of both parties who want to end the constant campaign cycle, who want Washington to get back to the work of governing. If Obama chooses cooperation and compromise over constant campaigning, he will find willing partners in both parties and in both chambers.

President Obama, the choice is yours.

Former Rep. Steve LaTourette, R-Ohio, is president of the Republican Main Street Partnership.

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