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Latest Ricin News Puts Hill Back on Edge

Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call
Wicker, the target of one of the ricin laced letters sent to the Senate, said he can’t comment on the ongoing investigation into who sent the letters.

“In the criminal justice system, as I have experienced over these 45 years in law enforcement, an arrestee is eligible for bail, including one’s own recognizance after charging. I believe that is the case here,” Gainer said earlier in the day, before Curtis was effectively cleared. “At this point, I am not privy to the prosecutorial strategy. The investigation is continuing, again a normal process even when an arrest is made.”

The contaminated letters were discovered in the days immediately following the Boston Marathon bombings. Only later was it revealed that they were postmarked on April 8, making the timing of their arrival a sheer coincidence.

But fears that the ricin mailings could possibly be linked to the Boston attacks were enough to put an already anxious Washington over the edge, particularly when other suspicious packages arrived at members’ offices last week.

One might imagine there would be anger and frustration that the investigation, which one appeared as good as closed, is now ongoing.

In the meantime, Wicker was still being trailed by a security detail.

“I’ve been told not to comment,” Wicker said.

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