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Kindt: Internet Gambling Will Cripple World's Economic, Financial Systems

Within this gambling aura, experts commonly refer to Internet gambling as “crack cocaine” for addicting new gamblers. Internet gambling would place the worst type of computer gambling at every school desk, at every work desk, in every living room and on every cell phone.

In an instant, a person could “click the mouse and lose the house.” Again, 60 Minutes highlights these problems in its video “Slot Machines: The Big Gamble.”

With justification, gambling lobbyists brag that Internet gambling is the “killer application” — killing both individual and institutional finances.

Countries cannot gamble their way to prosperity. Internet gambling shrinks the consumer economy and destroys consumer confidence by promoting a ubiquitous gambling philosophy.

Legalizing U.S. online gambling would allow dubious parties to tout the U.S. imprimatur — empowering them to create a queue of speculative bubbles that could collapse already fragile financial systems and destabilize essential international economic security.

John Warren Kindt is a professor emeritus at the University of Illinois and is a senior editor and contributing author to the United States International Gaming Report.

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