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Keystone XL Is a Pipeline for Imbalanced Energy Policy Decisions

That’s 50 permanent jobs in exchange for opening an enormous patch of Canadian heavy tar sands that don’t need to be developed to meet anyone’s energy needs. If this pipeline is approved, Americans get a lot of environmental risks — especially Midwestern farmers facing a polluted aquifer when Keystone leaks — in return for the right to help Canadian oil developers make money on the world oil market. How is that in our “national interest?”

Private enterprise can help develop the next generation of energy technology. We should be focusing on fuel efficiency standards and renewable energy research, not squeezing more of yesterday’s dirty fuel sources out of the ground no matter the cost. Keystone has nothing to do with energy supply, energy security or energy independence. It’s all about the bottom line for a few people who don’t deserve special favors from the State Department.

Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva is a Democrat from Arizona.

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