Join C16 Collective for Art in the Heights

It's not quite the weekend, but close enough! What do you do with your evening if you don't want to get too crazy? How about joining the C16 Collective at the Dunes in Columbia Heights for Art in the Heights? The night will be full of art, film and live music. It kicks off at 7 p.m. C16 is a collective of emerging filmmakers and producers associated with the producing film and video graduate program at American University. Tonight they will be showing two short films, "Saving Mr. Yamamoto" and "Under the Bourbon Moon." "Saving Mr. Yamamoto" was an idea born from actual headlines. Sojen Kato, who was once regarded as the oldest man in Japan, turned out to be a fake and fell well short of his one-time reported 111 years of age. "Under the Bourbon Moon" is a twist film about five friends who meet very year for a weekend, but this time "real truths are revealed." Desiree Jordan will end the evening on a high note with a live musical performance. The Dunes is located at 1402 Meridian Place NW, about three blocks from the Columbia Heights Metro Station.