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Boehner, Reid Come to Deal on Payroll Tax Holiday

Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call
Reporters question Speaker John Boehner during his news conference on the payroll tax cut impasse in Congress today.

But the New York Senator warned not to read too much into Republicans and Democrats coming to a deal now, expressing concern over the prospect of success on a long-term agreement.

“We will see if our House colleagues really have good faith, if they do what they did on their first bill, load it up with so many things that make it unpalatable to just about anybody, then we’ll know that they’re really not with good faith to get this done for the year,” Schumer said.

Democrats were the most vocal in their celebration after Boehner announced the agreement, but it was McConnell who had the most influence on today’s events. His statement of support for a short-term deal this morning seriously disrupted House Republicans’ insistence that only a full-year agreement was tenable. McConnell had negotiated the short-term agreement with Reid last Friday, and less than a week later, McConnell put public pressure on Boehner and his caucus. This provided a bipartisan, bicameral push against the increasingly isolated House GOP and even armed Obama with a talking point this afternoon.

In a statement following Boehner’s news conference, McConnell struck a diplomatic tone.

“While I am pleased that Senate Democrats and House Republicans have agreed to a solution that recognizes — and resolves — the legitimate concerns on both sides, I think it is crucial for everyone to realize that the larger goal is to move beyond a discussion of temporary assistance once and for all and toward a bipartisan plan to get our economy moving again, reform the tax code, and preserve and protect entitlements,” he said.

Jonathan Strong contributed to this report.

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