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Jenkins: Obama Misses the Point of TR’s Square Deal

A fair shake isn’t going to be found when our job creators spend as much time complying with the tax code as they do running their businesses. So let’s ease the burden on our small businesses and allow hardworking families to keep more of their paycheck each month through comprehensive and fundamental tax reform. By closing loopholes that favor only those who can afford high-powered tax attorneys, setting fairer and lower rates that broaden the tax base and ease the compliance burden, we can create a playing field that allows everyone a fair shot at the American dream without overtaxing them.

When the government mandates that individuals and businesses buy certain products, take unnecessary actions or jump through certain bureaucratic hoops, it creates more barriers to equality and individual success. And a government inspector who must find a violation to justify his trip to the worksite in Osawatomie is not providing anyone with a fair shot at success. So let’s review all of our government’s regulations and dismiss those that create more harm than good and keep those that are protecting and ensuring fairness for hardworking Americans.

Mr. President, I wish I could be home to introduce you to the hardworking folks of Osawatomie who just want government to get out of their way so they can have a fair shot. I can’t be there, because I’m in Washington, working to find solutions to the problems you keep talking about.

So enjoy your short time in Kansas. When you are finished with your speeches and vacation, please come back to Washington and work with Congress to create the equality of opportunity the American people deserve. You may be surprised to find that many of us agree with Teddy Roosevelt and are here fighting so every hardworking American taxpayer has a fair shot at the American Dream.

Rep. Lynn Jenkins (R-Kan.) is a member of the Ways and Means Committee.

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