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Ibarra: Add Gun Control to the Latino Policy Agenda

For too long, the NRA has wielded the Second Amendment in an effort not to cede any ground to gun control advocates. They have long argued that guns in the hands of citizens help protect them from becoming victims of crime. Itís time to bring a sense of reason back to this debate, because the facts do not support their arguments.

A study by the California-based Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence determined that seven of the 10 states with the strongest gun laws also have the lowest gun-death rates, while states with the weakest gun laws have some of the highest gun-death rates. Common sense is so uncommon!

Letís not let this debate slide until the next act of senseless violence. Letís add Latino voices to the growing call for sensible gun control. We owe it to the children and other victims of Sandy Hook. And we owe it to Victoria Soto.

Mickey Ibarra is founder of the Ibarra Strategy Group and chairman of the Latino Leaders Network. From 1997 to 2001, he served as assistant to the president and director of intergovernmental affairs in the Clinton White House.

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