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House Approves Minibus Over Conservative Objections

The current continuing resolution expires midnight Friday, and government funds will cease to flow and the federal government will shut down if Congress doesn’t act before then.

Efforts in the Senate to pass a second minibus have stalled. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had hoped to attach the State and foreign operations appropriations bill and the financial services and general government appropriations bill to the Energy and water development appropriations bill, which the Senate had been considering.

But the Nevada Democrat gave up on that earlier this week when an agreement could not be reached to combine the three bills. He then focused on just the Energy and water bill but has put that aside while an agreement on amendments is worked out. The Senate has moved on to the Defense authorization bill.

If the Senate does not return to the Energy spending measure, it will likely end up in a catch-all omnibus package, which Congress has until Dec. 16 to pass under the proposed continuing resolution.

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