Welcome to POTUS Operandi

(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Welcome to Roll Call’s new White House blog, POTUS Operandi . Our organization has long covered the White House, but never in blog form, capturing the news and odds and ends as they happen.  

Our focus, as you would expect from “The Newspaper of Capitol Hill," has traditionally been on the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. As such, our White House coverage has appeared in various places on our website — including on our 218 House blog and our #WGDB blog on the Senate . Now you’ll find much of it here as we examine how the White House works — or doesn't — with Congress.  

What you won’t find on POTUS Operandi is a daily tick-tock of White House events — the sports team ceremonies, sometimes newsless news conferences and other presidential flotsam and jetsam.  

What I intend to provide instead is a relentless focus on and analysis of the White House’s relationship with Congress, and what the daily events might signify when it comes to congressional leadership. Or, as is often the case lately, when the president plans to bypass Capitol Hill .  

Where does the president still have leverage? Where has he squandered it ? What are the repercussions of a pen-and-phone presidency? What do lawmakers think about the president?  

You’ll find plenty of policy here.  

But you’ll also find stories and posts about the people trying to keep the trains moving relatively close to on time.  

Have a good question to ask the White House or a news tip? Email me: stevendennis - at - rollcall.com or find me on Twitter: @steventdennis.

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