The Lighting Before the Storm

A worker installs lights in the Capitol's Statuary Hall in preparation for Tuesday's State of the Union address. Media will be set up in Statuary Hall to interview members before and after the speech. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Traffic in the Capitol's Statuary Hall was altered Tuesday as lighting technicians installed a canopy to make sure media outlets had sufficient light throughout their stand-up interviews after Tuesday's State of the Union address.  

The historic hall fills with members of Congress and the media after the president's speech every year, all eager to provide their take on the speech. As techs installed lights in the middle of the hall, many people traversing the Capitol altered their routes. Instead of going straight through the hall, walkers went around the canopy, as if not to tempt fate by walking under a ladder.  

Soon enough, they turned the lights on, and the hall hummed to life with cameras and the media folks behind them.

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