The Senate Republicans Who Voted Against Keeping the Government Open

Tea party activist John Oltesvig of North Carolina wears a colonial costume with a tri-corner hats at a rally just before the 2013 shutdown. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

None of the Republicans running for president voted Wednesday for a "clean" continuing resolution, which will fund the government beyond the midnight end to the fiscal year.  

In all, 20 Republican senators voted against the measure, which passed the Senate 78-20 . Among them were presidential candidates Ted Cruz of Texas and Rand Paul of Kentucky, while Marco Rubio of Florida and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina did not vote. The bill, expected to be voted on in the House later Wednesday, gives leaders in both chambers until Dec. 11 to cut a budget deal with the White House.  

Wednesday also marked the end to the third fundraising quarter, and the Rubio campaign sent a request for cash to its email list during the vote.  

"Our campaign's most important fundraising deadline is tonight and all eyes are on my campaign," Rubio stated in the pitch.  

Here is the list of 20:  

Roy Blunt of Missouri  

John Boozman of Arkansas  

Richard M. Burr of North Carolina  

Dan Coats of Indiana  

Tom Cotton of Arkansas  

Michael D. Crapo of Idaho  

Ted Cruz of Texas  

Dean Heller of Nevada  

James M. Inhofe of Oklahoma  

James Lankford of Oklahoma  

Mike Lee of Utah  

Jerry Moran of Kansas  

Rand Paul of Kentucky  

Jim Risch of Idaho  

Ben Sasse of Nebraska  

Tim Scott of South Carolina  

Jeff Sessions of Alabama  

Richard C. Shelby of Alabama  

Patrick J. Toomey of Pennsylvania  

David Vitter of Louisiana

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