Remember That Time a Senator Flew an Autogyro Around the Dome?

Bingham flies his Pitcairn PA-18 autogyro over the Capitol. (Courtesy of U.S. Capitol Historical Society)

Florida man Doug Hughes landed a gyrocopter Wednesday on the West Front of the Capitol. Maybe he was inspired by the late Sen. Hiram Bingham, who liked to fly his autogyro, a forerunner of the helicopter, around the campus as well.  

Bingham was a famous explorer best known for discovering Machu Picchu in 1911, but he later served two terms in the Senate as a Republican from Connecticut.  

Known as "the flying senator" for his passion for aviation, Bingham was an advocate for the autogyro, which was used in the 1930s to deliver mail between Camden, N.J., and Philadelphia.  

Another connection! Bingham utilized a mail delivery vehicle. Hughes is a postal worker who said he was going to use his gyrocopter to deliver letters to Congress expressing concern about campaign finance law, according to the Tampa Bay Times .  

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