In Kansas, Milton Wolf Mulling a Second Conservative Challenge

Wolf is considering challenging another Senator from Kansas from the right. (File Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

In the view of Kansas doctor Milton Wolf, there might be an illness shared by his state’s two Republican senators: They’re not conservative enough.  

Wolf has already once declared himself the cure: In 2014, he led an aggressive, but unsuccessful, primary challenge that placed him within 7 points of Republican Sen. Pat Roberts.  

This year, he’s focusing his attention on Roberts’ colleague, fellow Republican Sen. Jerry Moran.  

“I really do mean it when I say I'd rather be a doctor than a politician, but our country is in trouble and it's clear that Washington is failing us,” Wolf told CQ Roll Call.  

And while he said he has "not yet made a decision about 2016,” Wolf – a tea party conservative – couldn’t help but take a jab at Moran.  

“Of course with Jerry Moran thumbing his nose at Kansas Republicans by voting for Obama's tax hikes, spending, debt, corporate welfare and by funding Democrat get-out-the-vote efforts in Mississippi, first we need to know whether Moran plans to run as a Republican or as a Democrat,” he said, deriding Moran's work at the NRSC to defend Thad Cochran from a tea party challenge of his own in 2014.  

In recent weeks, Wolf has re-upped his vocal dissatisfaction with the Sunflower State's GOP leadership. In a series of posts on Twitter, Wolf decried Moran's stance with Senate Republican leadership in the legislative drama that pitted them against conservatives Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.  

When a Senate amendment that would have attached language to a transportation bill to defund Planned Parenthood failed, Wolf said , "When Kansans learn of Jerry's betrayal today, he may have to start renting a recliner in Pat Roberts' Virginia home just to hide out."