Cornyn: Vote Yes on TAA to Restore Trust

Cornyn is urging Republicans to vote for Trade Adjustment Assistance, also known as TAA. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Updated:  5:51 p.m./June 24: An aide to Sen. John Cornyn clarified the Texas Republican’s position on Wednesday, saying that "Cornyn will support TAA if his vote is necessary to advance it through the Senate this week as part of the broader trade package. Senate Republican leaders are urging their colleagues to vote for Trade Adjustment Assistance as part of a broader trade package.  

"This is an important time for the Senate because we're trying to restore some of the lost trust that we have in each other, that if we give our word, we're going to keep our word," Majority Whip John Cornyn, R-Texas, said Tuesday, after the Senate voted to clear the way for final passage of Trade Promotion Authority.  

Cornyn said he would not only support TAA, he'll urge other Republicans to do the same.  

Pro-trade Democrats took a giant leap of faith Tuesday to support TPA, also known as "fast track," with the assurance that TAA would follow. In general, Republicans support TPA and dislike TAA, but the latter has been included as part of a loose package giving pro-trade Democrats some cover. The package also includes a customs bill, which will be brought to the floor after it goes to conference.  

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