Heard on the Hill

Chuck Grassley Would Have Hated Comic-Con

(Warren Rojas/CQ Roll Call)

We grabbed the teaser comic for “Vikings” — The History Channel’s none-too-veiled ploy to tap into the burgeoning “Game of Thrones” viewership — while out at Comic-Con, thinking it might be right up Sen. Charles E. Grassley’s alley.

The Iowa Republican is, after all, a rabid history junkie.



But nothing brings out the curmudgeonly programming critic in Grassley — his beef with the network runs so deep, the solon is now giving interviews exclusively about the dearth of backward-looking shows — faster than flipping on The History Channel and finding nothing but “reality”-based ratings bait.

Except maybe cosplay.

Per today’s Washington Post In the Loop column, Grassley wants to know why NASA staff is off playing fake conquerors in a California forest instead of doing their jobs.

After perusing the trailer for Season 2 of “Vikings" (returning in 2014), a show about how a bunch of neurotic Nordic warriors hacked and slashed their way across the old world, confidence is low it’ll make Grassley buy into the channel’s zeitgeist-chasing business model.

"I'm interested in any history,” Grassley told HOH. “But not the history of some gold watch, as seen on ‘Pawn Shop.’"