Heard on the Hill

Missed Connection on the L2

Love and public transportation are governed by the same laws.

Neither love, nor the bus, will come when you're desperate; both love and the train run on their own timetables; and there are a lot of strange people heading in your general direction.

There is something especially lovely when love and public transport collide.

On Jan. 3, a dude was riding the L2 bus, cruising down Connecticut Avenue. While on this ordinary commute, the dude met a female Senate staffer and, quick as a blink, was the most smitten kitten in Washington.

According to our tipster, the Mr. Smitten asked his Hill friends to circulate an email with a series of "gutsy haikus."

"His big, bold gesture has been described as 'adorable' and 'truly epic,'" the tipster tells HOH.

As far as we know, dude is not the tipster. If you have any information for this love-sick bus rider, email L2dreamscometrue@gmail.com.

Click through to read the story of their meeting in haiku form.

My heart skips a beat I send off a quick email Then I make my move

Though time was fleeting And my stop fast approaching I could not resist

Your smile and laughter And flag football war stories What was I to do?

Alas, now you're gone And I am left to wonder Do you play QB?

Don't be a stranger Send over a yea or nay Second chances rock!

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