Lawmaker's Quest for Cookie Crumbles

In a truly devastating blow, Rep. Scott Rigell came up empty-handed Wednesday in his search for a cookie from the House Carry-Out, a setback that's likely to drag down the rest of his day, maybe even the rest of his week. Rigell, who was on his way to votes Wednesday afternoon, made a detour to the Capitol basement's eatery for the expressed purpose of a confectionery pick-me-up. As CQ Roll Call asked the Virginia Republican questions about the impending Department of Homeland Security shutdown, Rigell could see the confusion on HOH's face when, instead of zigging to the right for an elevator to go up to the House floor, he zagged straight for the House Carry-Out. "As you can see, I was heading in here to get my cookie," Rigell explained. "If there's any left," he added, forebodingly. But there weren't any left. And Rigell couldn't contain his disappointment. "Uh oh! Noooo!" he said, as he looked at an empty cookie rack. "Say it isn't so!" Ever the optimist, Rigell held out hope there may be a secret supply in the back somewhere. "No cookies?" he asked a House Carry-Out employee. When the employee responded with her own sound of despair — "Ohhhhh," she moaned — Rigell explained why this obvious misfortune was so crushing. "I look forward to my treat!" he told the employee. "My nourishment!" Rigell took a moment to collect himself. He straightened his tie — at least in HOH's version of the tale — and he walked out of the Carry-Out a bit defeated, yes, but strengthened in the fact he had tried his best for that cookie. Perhaps he will try again tomorrow — a little earlier in the day. The 114th: CQ Roll Call's Guide to the New Congress Get breaking news alerts and more from Roll Call in your inbox or on your iPhone.