House Aide Saves ‘Black-ish’ Star From Embarrassment

Perhaps Lewis' heroism inspired Aydin over the weekend. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Democratic staffer-turned-graphic artist Andrew Aydin graduated to full-fledged superhero over the weekend, swooping in to extract “Black-ish” actress Tracee Ellis Ross from a ridiculously sticky situation.  

The gallantry unfolded right in front of HOH as the two passing acquaintances — “Congressman [John] Lewis and I met Ms. Ross in Chicago when we were all on ‘Windy City Live’ on the same day,” the House aide shared, providing a peek into the star-studded alliance he’s cultivated since helping to pen the Georgia Democrat's autobiographical graphic novel, “March” — exchanged pleasantries during a White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner shindig.  

Just as soon as the last air kiss was completed, Ross turned to leave, only to discover her stiletto heel had become lodged in a crack in the underlying concrete.  

Ross tried to shake loose her left foot, a maneuver that only succeeded in extricating herself from the stubbornly embedded shoe. “Oh my god! Can you help?” the slightly stunned actress, who was half-laughing but quickly becoming visibly flustered, asked those in the immediate area.  

Aydin dropped to a knee, grabbed hold of the offending pump and, in Excalibur fashion, wrestled the wedged-in heel from the reluctant stone. The totally relieved Ross slipped back into the now-freed shoe and thanked Aydin for coming to her rescue before continuing on her way.  

His white knight duties done, Aydin returned to his people-watching.  

Confidence is high his next brush with greatness will happen in July when he and Lewis return to Comic-Con International to bring adoring fans up to speed on the readily available “March: Book Two” as well as the final installment of the anticipated trilogy.  

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