GOP Prepares to Invade NoVa

The GOP wants a piece of the Old Dominion. Which is why Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and Senate hopeful Ed Gillespie rallied the troops Oct. 9 for an impending “deployment.”  

According to a tipster, over 100 volunteers showed up for the “March to Victory” recruiting event held at the Capitol Hill Club.  

Courtesy HOH tipster)

(Courtesy HOH tipster)

Those in attendance were asked to bolster pre-election efforts by pledging to fan out across the state each Saturday — from dawn till dusk , no less (though meals are provided) — beginning Oct. 18.  

The planned grassroots assault is designed to infuse the historically purple commonwealth with a bit more red.  

Former congressional aide and state Del. Barbara Comstock is hoping to replace her former boss, retiring Rep. Frank R. Wolf, R-Va.,  in the House (a possible succession the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee might be coming to terms with ) while ex-RNC Chairman Gillespie continues duking it out with centrist leader Sen. Mark Warner.  

May the best ground-gamers win.