For Hungry Conservatives, a Chick-fil-A Rival Emerges

On the menu at this week's Conversations with Conservatives: We, the Pizza (Douglas Graham/Roll Call via Getty Images)

Conservatives may love their chicken sandwiches, but Conversations with Conservatives returned from the August recess with an important change: We, The Pizza for lunch.  

It’s the second time Conversations with Conservatives has opted for We, The Pizza, after the Capitol Hill eatery became the first non-Chick-fil-A lunch that CWC offered about five months ago.

One of the leaders of the monthly CWC event, Raúl R. Labrador, told reporters a while back they’d be changing up the food offerings. Since that declaration of chicken sandwich independence, the monthly event, hosted by the Heritage Foundation, has offered We, The Pizza, Puerto Rico-influenced offerings from the food truck Borinquen Lunch Box, a brief return to Chick-fil-A and now We, The Pizza again.  

If conservatives get pizza again next month, HOH will probably still eat it, but, well, yeah, we'll just eat it again.

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Topics: food