Heard on the Hill

Follicle Stimulation

The American Mustache Institute wants to make sure its legislative agenda is noticed, so it will be heading to the Capitol’s West Lawn at 1 p.m. Monday to kick off its tax policy effort: the Stimulus to Allow Critical Hair Expenses Act. The AMI’s mission is to champion the “sexually dynamic mustached American lifestyle.” According to the group’s president, Aaron Perlut, the AMI is as enthusiastic about beards as it is about lipsweaters. “I can only give you so many details now,” Perlut tells HOH about the STACHE Act. “I will be there introducing a movement or a campaign that the AMI will be launching.” Also participating in the launch is John Yeutter, a professor at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma and author of the STACHE Act white paper. Joining Yeutter and Perlut at the podium will be someone from “one of America’s most influential tax-related organizations” who has grown facial hair and is not Grover Norquist. Perlut promised that if any reporters were to provide beer, he would drink it while at Monday’s event, particularly when discussing the group’s legislative agenda. Over the coming months, Perlut says, the AMI plans to lobby Members and their staff. He is most looking forward to sitting down with the only mustachioed Senator: John Hoeven (R-N.D.). When HOH asked Perlut for his reaction to Sen. Tom Coburn’s (R-Okla.) decision to shave his beard, he responded: “You can go ahead and call me Dr. Perlut. is a crime against humanity. Much like a breast reduction.”
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