Heard on the Hill

Five Shameless Ways to Crash WHCD Parties

Didn't get an invitation? There are still ways to be seen on the scene

Follow one of our five helpful steps and maybe you can charm your way into "party city" on Saturday night to hang out with all the celebs, politicos, and journos. (Teresa Kroeger/Getty Images for Eric Podwall)

The White House Correspondents' Dinner is the hottest ticket in Washington and the parties surrounding it are the places to see and be seen . So you didn’t get an invite to any? Here are some shameless approaches to trying to get in one .

Pretend to really like a journalist


Remember that 'Politico' reporter whose number you got one night? Shoot him a text, he could need a plus one to his company’s brunch. A girl who works for The Hill always flirting with you in the House press gallery? Now is the time to flirt back. That Reuters copy editor always poking you on Facebook? Poke back, you never know if he needs a plus one.

Roam around the Hilton Saturday night


In High School, I used to stake out the red carpet just to see the Jonas Brothers. Little did I know, if I looked a little older and walked around the Hilton, I might have been able to get into a party. Latch onto a journalist who has all the ins and just try your best. Worst that could happen? You’re stuck trying to look like you belong in a nice hotel.

Email your way in


Emailing a publication's PR contact may be one way to landing a coveted ticket. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)
Emailing a publication's PR contact may be one way to landing a coveted ticket. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Ask everyone you know in D.C. for the public relations person’s contact for a publication. Once you scrounge up an email address, shoot one off. And keep doing that until you can trick the Yahoo, Google or Capitol File PR shops into letting you into their party. Or, until you've heard "No" enough times that you’re discouraged enough to give up.

Ask your boss


Walk into the office of the highest person in your company and ask if any invites came his or her way. Oftentimes, lobbyists and clients of media organizations are invited to these events. And who knows? Your boss’ child could have a baseball tournament this weekend and the ticket will go unused. And, your boss will know how eager you are to immerse yourself in the Washington scene.

Tweet at your favorite celebrity


While this attempt is probably the least reliable, give it a go as a last resort. Your tweet: “hey @Miles_Teller , I think you’re super cute and I would love to come with you to the 'USA Today,' Gannett pre-dinner at the Hilton." For the men out there, Kendall Jenner is going to that party too . Maybe your favorite celebrity will be interested to find out firsthand what a Washingtonian is like.  

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