Festive Democratic Aide Keeps ’Em In Stitches

Dressing up for the holidays might not be on his list of official duties. But as House aide Andrew Noh demonstrated during the thick of "cromnibus" mania, sporting something snazzy is clearly a personal priority. While many in the media trumpeted that the staffer to California Democrat Linda T. Sánchez had saved them from wasting away to nothing by sharing a much-needed stakeout snack, others marveled at the getup the knight in curiously patterned armor wore into the brilliantly executed PR stunt. Rep Linda Sanchez sends chips and guac to hungry reporters staked out. Someone knows how to work the press. pic.twitter.com/lLFtaVkSTD — Suzy Khimm (@SuzyKhimm) December 12, 2014 One eagle-eyed tipster quickly divined that the Christmasy garb had to be the handiwork of Shinesty, a can’t-look-away clothier. Noh confirmed as much. “I invested in the suit after my legislative director, Melissa Kiedrowicz, sent me a link with the caption: ‘You're the only person I know shameless enough to wear this,’” he said of the dare-to-wear-this exchange. “I opened the link, bought it immediately and paid extra for expedited shipping to make sure it was here in time for the holidays.” Per Noh, the Capitol Hill community was the first to see the snowflake-splattered “Rudolph Suave” ensemble in public. His pets, however, got a sneak preview. (Courtesy Andrew Noh) “I tried it on at home to make sure it fit then dressed up my dogs for holiday photos with the suit. It's currently my Facebook photo,” he shared. According to Noh, the suit has, at least to date, attracted more admirers than haters. All that really matters, of course, is that he’s tickled pink about the entire experience. “It is the crown jewel of my holiday wardrobe,” Noh told HOH. “But I plan to buy a new ugly Christmas suit every year from here on out.” The 114th: CQ Roll Call's Guide to the New Congress Get breaking news alerts and more from Roll Call in your inbox or on your iPhone.