Exit Polls: Congress Not Held in High Regard

Voters wait for their turn in one of the voting booths at Eleanor McMain School in New Orleans on Election Day. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Congress, consider the American public skeptical.  

In Election Day's mega-sampling of exit poll data , the public is pretty firm in its disapproval — 78 percent — of how Congress is handling its job. That disapproval rating was split between 52 percent of Republicans surveyed, 45 percent of Democrats and 3 percent other. Republicans had a big night, winning the majority in the Senate and padding their majority in the House, but that doesn't mean the public is terribly impressed with them — or their Democratic counterparts. The overall opinion of the Republican Party was 54 percent unfavorable. For the Democrats, it was 55 percent. Opinions of the Obama administration were slightly crappier: 59 percent angry or dissatisfied.  

For all those who will claim the American people have spoken, make sure to read the fine print. No one's held in too high a regard.  

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