Heard on the Hill

Crepes on a Corner Near You

Crepes on the Corner opened for business Wednesday. (Jason Dick/CQ Roll Call)

After a long gestation period, Crepes on the Corner has opened, bringing a new dining option to a residential part of eastern Capitol Hill that has few of them.

It's a bit of a soft opening, but on the commute into work this morning, HOH noticed that the stark sign "Training" had been removed from the front door and that said door was wide open to welcome, hungry Hill residents.

"It's more like day one-and-a-half," said a COTC worker when asked if today was the restaurant's first. Apparently, word is getting out via social media and word of mouth.

Not a surprise, considering the foot traffic at 15th and C streets Southeast: Lots of parents walking kids to school at nearby Payne Elementary and Watkins Elementary and a steady stream of dog walkers, joggers and otherwise bloggers.

The Italian crepe and a large coffee (using beans from local outfit M.E. Swing Co.) went down easy.

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