Heard on the Hill

Rigell, Ribble Rumble Over Harley

The time two congressmen tried to ride-share on a Harley to votes on the Hill

Rep. Scott Rigell rides his motorcycle in Virginia Beach's Tidewater Veterans Day Parade in November. (Courtesy Rep. Scott Rigell)

Reps. Scott Rigell and Reid Ribble woke up on Thursday and planned their commutes to work. Their first thoughts? Their Harleys.  

Ribble instigated the motorcycle talk on Twitter by asking if his fellow Republican's Harley actually exists.

Minutes later, he joked that Rigell’s battery is “conveniently” dead.

Rigell responded “@RepRibble @harleydavidson How about you ride your alleged "motorcycle" over here and help out! #lesstweets #morehelp.”  

The Virginia Republican tried to charge his battery, hoping the two could ride together to vote in style.

Ribble brought a battery charger over to Rigell’s house near the Capitol to see if he could have any luck, but the bike still wouldn’t start. So Ribble of Wisconsin suggested Rigell jump on the back of his bike.

Rigell declined this time, but the two agreed to ride alongside each other in the near future.  

But, while Rigell's bike is in the shop, keep your eyes peeled for a two-wheeled ride share.  

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