Capitol Police Union Catch Congressman's Ear

Leaders from the Capitol Police Labor Committee dropped by Rep. Richard Nugent’s office Wednesday to say thank you — in the form of a commemorative badge that recognizes the board’s 100 years of existence. The visit also came with a little opportunity to catch the congressman’s ear about their needs, specifically how to lobby for cost of living raises and the benefits to delaying the retirement age days before budget season begins. Nugent, a Florida Republican who sits on the Committee on House Administration overseeing Capitol Police, is considered an alley of the labor union. After handing Nugent the goods, union leaders sat with the congressman briefly to air some grievances including how they might successfully negotiate the pay raises and how they might extend the retirement age from 57 to 60 as a way to reap better benefits. Nugent said he would see what he could do. Union leaders suggested they might be more successful when a new Capitol Police chief comes on board, though no one at the meeting suggested they knew who that might be. A new chief is expected to be chosen by the Capitol Police Board by the end of February upon the current chief’s retirement. But at least one name is out of the running — Nugent, a former sheriff with 38 years of law enforcement experience, denied applying for the job. Nugent is among a group of junior Republican members elected in a 2010 wave who are not seeking another term in office. Related: Cozy With the Cops After Capitol Police Missteps, Congress Looks the Other Way See photos, follies, HOH Hits and Misses and more at Roll Call's new video site. Get breaking news alerts and more from Roll Call in your inbox or on your iPhone.
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