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George Clinton Up to Get Down With D.C. This Weekend

Singer, bandleader and newly minted author George Clinton is scheduled to crisscross Chocolate City over the next few days, starting with an under-the-radar trip to the Library of Congress.

The Recount Rules Guide for 2014

After the polls close Tuesday, it’s likely at least a handful of House and Senate races will be too close to call.

Senate Democrats' Super Lawyer Preps for Overtime

As the Senate chamber erupted in applause after the swearing-in of Minnesota Sen. Al Franken, Majority Leader Harry Reid eventually looked up and directed his appreciation toward the newest senator’s attorneys.

When Being a County Supervisor Is More Appealing Than Congress

LOS ANGELES — Washington’s lousy with politicians who decry the city’s endless cycle of partisan sniping, gridlock and dysfunction. Still, every election, there they are, fighting for one more term — unwilling to leave the nation’s capital even when they lose.

North Carolina Campaigns Prepare for Potential Recount

The competitive North Carolina Senate race will cost more than $100 million by Election Day, and that price tag could climb further as both parties prepare to spend even more if the race becomes too close to call.

McCain, Graham and Rubio: No Executive Immigration Relief

Three Republican architects of the Senate’s immigration bill are warning President Barack Obama not to give relief without Congress to immigrants here illegally, warning that would “open the floodgates” to more illegal immigration.

Obama's Midterm Loss Record Could Make History

President Barack Obama is about to do what no president has done in the past 50 years: Have two horrible, terrible, awful midterm elections in a row.

GOP: Obama's Immigration Action Will Cripple 2016 Democrats

Republicans have an immigration problem, and Democrats may have an answer.

Democrat Wants Obama to Stop the 'Chickenshit' Sideshows

The “chickenshit” continues to hit the fan in Congress. A senior Democratic senator wants President Barack Obama to hold whoever anonymously insulted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accountable.

Jared Polis Completes Jury Duty

Rep. Jared Polis has now, officially, sat in judgment of his fellow man. The verdict: Jury duty is A-OK.

Tim Bishop in Political Peril — Again

Rep. Timothy H. Bishop’s re-election has once again surged to the top of the cycle’s list of most competitive House races, and Republicans are more optimistic than ever they can defeat the battle-tested New York Democrat.

The Attack Ads Harry Reid Didn't Want You to See

Harry Reid’s strategy of blocking amendments all year was intended with one clear objective in mind — protecting his majority.

Where GOP White House Hopefuls Stumped in 2014 (Chart)

When the myriad Republican presidential contenders start campaigning for 2016, their journeys might not look much different from this cycle.

Race Ratings Changes in 24 House Contests

The Republican majority in the House has not been at risk in nearly a year, and the landscape continues to move in their direction in the party’s effort to add seats.

Race Ratings Changes in 8 Gubernatorial Contests

Uncertainty reigns in gubernatorial races where anywhere from one to a dozen incumbent governors could be defeated for re-election.

Ratings Changes in Key Senate Contests

With just days to go before Election Day, we’re changing the Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call rating in some key Senate contests.

Boehner, White House Spar Over 'Chickenshit' Comment

The reported description of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “chickenshit” by a senior administration official has set off a rhetorical exchange between Speaker John A. Boehner and the White House.

Vote for Your Favorite Trick or Treat Capitol Quip!

The five finalists for this week’s caption contest are ready for your votes.

DCCC Books Airtime to Defend 2 More Incumbents (Video)

Updated 3:30 p.m. | The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is spending precious eleventh-hour funds on two more incumbents, Reps. Steven Horsford of Nevada and Lois Capps of California, in the final days of the midterms.

Reid Sends Late Gift to Begich

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., is giving endangered Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska, a legislative gift ahead of next week’s election.




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