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Hill Climbers: Shira 'The Hammer' Lahav Keeps Her Member's Office Running Smoothly

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call
Lahav used to organize summer campers; now she keeps a schedule on Capitol Hill.

Lahav described her operations director’s gig as different every day. “On Friday, I was shaking hands with the majority leader ... and today I’m coordinating meetings in district and tomorrow, who knows what I’ll be doing,” she said. “Every day is different, every day is a challenge.”

A combination of luck and perseverance have kept her afloat as she soaks up the opportunity to work for a country that, she said, needs fixing.

“You never say ‘no’ on the Hill because you never know what that next opportunity is going to lead to,” Lahav said. “It’s all about having that positive attitude, saying ‘yes’ to every job given to you. That’s kind of helped me rise up to where I am now.”

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