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Hill Climbers: For Orlando Watson, Timing on Hill Was Elementary

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call
Watson, Gosar’s press secretary, said of working on the Hill, ”It’s fun; it’s young.”

“I was putting together the daily news clips for the office for a while, and it was sort of like my own personal Drudge Report, and I thought to myself, ‘Well, if I can do this for the office, why not do it for all of D.C.?’” he said.

So he got together with a friend and began working on the project, which ended up providing a valuable, yet somewhat disappointing, business lesson.

“There’s a phrase in business, ‘Build it and they will come’ ... but ‘Build it and they will come’ does not work.”

Watson is no stranger to hard work and commitment. His grandfather, an immigrant from Barbados, is the inspiration behind the work ethic his Hill colleagues have come to admire. He also happens to be the person who shaped Watson’s conservative worldview.

“He emigrated to this country and worked really, really hard to provide his family a life,” Watson said. “He was personally conservative, very thrifty, cared about family and community.”

With an example like that to live by, Watson said he feels frustrated by a view of conservatism he said doesn’t sit right with him.

“People define the word conservatism today as meaning sort of backward or authoritarian or stuck in the past, but that’s not how I define it at all,” he said. “I care about the middle class and the working poor, and people who are trying to achieve the American dream — just like my grandfather.”

Watson stayed in Paul’s office until recently, when the opportunity to become press secretary for Gosar arose.

And he is as full of praise for his new boss as he was for his old one.

“He’s a great listener; he’s funny; he’s got a good sense of humor. He’s willing to listen to his staff,” Watson said of Gosar.

But most importantly, he has “a strong conservative backbone,” and that’s what it’s all about for Watson.

“Had I not been doing work that I find meaningful, I would have left the Hill a long time ago. If I felt like I was just shuffling papers for prestige. But the work that I do, I think, is actually meaningful.”

No two paths are the same, but Watson’s advice to anyone looking to start a career on the Hill is simple.

“One: Work on a campaign. Two: If you can’t do that, get an internship and work hard at that internship. Three: You know, if none of those fit your bill, always be networking, because you need to know someone.”

Thinking ahead, he keeps the advice of a friend in mind.

“Don’t plan ahead too far into the future, because tomorrow you might wake up and get hit by a bus and everything changes,” he said. “Right now, I’m just focused on doing the best I can in the job that I have.”

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