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Gowdy Predicts Marathon Benghazi Hearing in October

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Oct. 22 appearance before the House committee investigating the Benghazi attack is shaping up as a potentially explosive showdown between the Democratic presidential front-runner and panel Chairman Trey Gowdy, who said Sunday he expects a marathon hearing.

The Return to Cuba: Leahy's Camera Captures History

When Sen. Patrick J. Leahy attends a major event, he always brings along his camera.

Democrats Courting 'Gold Standard' to Unseat Young in Iowa (Updated)

Updated Aug. 17, 11:11 a.m. | Democrats are getting a candidate in Iowa’s only tossup congressional election — just not the one they’re ready for.

Kick It Live With FDR

Longing to take a selfie with a formally sitting president?

A Modest Proposal: Timeshare Congressional Districts

The sharing economy is all the rage. People are sharing homes and cars, books and tools. Why not congressional districts?

Congressional Hits and Misses: Best of Ted Poe (Video)

To kick off the 2015 August recess, HOH salutes the Texas member who doesn’t shy away from Vladimir Putin alliterations, Spanish translations or explaining “the way it is.”

Graham Looks at Early States as 'the Way Forward'

GREENVILLE, S.C. — At a Republican primary debate watch party in suburban Charleston last week, there was something missing: any sign of support for home-state Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Rubio to Pledge to Invite Dissidents to His Inauguration

Sen. Marco Rubio will announce that political dissidents would be guests of honor at the inauguration in January 2017 should he be elected president.

Just Call Him 'Grandpa Boehner'

Speaker John A. Boehner is famous for being a softie when it comes to “the children,” so we can’t imagine what kind of tears of joy he shed at the birth of his first grandchild, whose arrival was announced to the world on Thursday afternoon via Twitter:

McCain: 'Shameful' to Limit Arlington Cemetery Expansion for Bus Facility

John McCain is pushing hard to quash the idea of building a bus maintenance facility on property the Arizona Republican would rather see set aside for an expansion of the adjacent Arlington National Cemetery.

Marsha Blackburn Digs What Gingham Café Is Cooking

Rep. Marsha Blackburn took to social media Wednesday to plug an old pal’s restaurant, a homespun establishment specializing in comfort food and tantalizing sweets.

Rubio Demands Documentation for 'Political' Human Trafficking Report

Sen. Marco Rubio Thursday morning called the State Department’s upgrade of Cuba’s human trafficking status an “embarrassment,” and requested documentation into the decision that senators on both sides of the aisle have called political.

Office Space: Bruce Braley's Baseball Haven (Video)

Then-Rep. Bruce Braley gave a tour of his congressional office in 2010 for Roll Call’s “Office Space” series, which will make a triumphant return this fall.

Yep, Congress' Poll Numbers Still Unfathomably Bad

If you’re Donald Trump, you talk about poll numbers. It’s what you do. If you’re in Congress, well, you’re probably better off changing the subject.

Thune Wants GOP Senators Touting Productivity

Republican senators were sent home for August recess with a pocket card printed with a simple message.

Campaign Finance Reform PAC Wants to Be a Player in 2016

A new campaign finance reform political action committee expects to be among the top five outside groups to assist campaigns this cycle.

Two Democrats Get J Street Help in Maryland Senate Race

Ever since the major Democratic contest between Reps. Donna Edwards and Chris Van Hollen began for Maryland’s open Senate seat, both campaigns have been wondering who the major liberal Jewish lobby organization J Street would end up helping in the race.

Rubio: Kerry Giving 'Lip Service' to Human Rights in Cuba

Sen. Marco Rubio on Wednesday blasted Secretary of State John Kerry after reports Cuban dissidents will not be a part of Friday’s ceremonial re-opening of the U.S. embassy in Havana.

Democrats, Republicans Tour Israel Ahead of Iran Vote

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s foundation hosts a biennial trip to Israel for House Democrats and Republicans, and this August recess is no exception.

Shining a Light on Sodexo’s Hospitality Protocol

Just-arrived House restaurants handler Sodexo appears to have already rubbed at least one congressional diner the wrong way due to a concern about food-handling practices.




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