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Tim Kaine: Sequestration, VA Hospital Top Concerns

RICHMOND, Va. — While Sen. Mark Warner round-tabled down the street on Tuesday with a group of gig-economy workers, Virginia’s junior senator, Democrat Tim Kaine, met with local black business leaders in Richmond on a five-day economic tour through the state.

D-I-Y Sabado Gigante: Break Fast, Texan-Style

“The startups are coming! The startups are coming!” is what those not busy stuffing their faces should be saying this coming Saturn’s Day, as a trio of intrepid hospitality players officially get into the game.

Warner Looking to Support Gig Economy Workers

RICHMOND, Va. — Sen. Mark Warner continued his quest Tuesday to rewrite the social contract with those who occupy the ever-expanding “gig economy.”

Republicans Spending Early to Boost Chances to Keep Senate

As Republicans look to defend their newfound Senate majority in 2016, early television and digital spending has more than quadrupled from this same point last cycle, a CQ Roll Call analysis shows.

Rubiocare Would Upend Traditional Health Insurance

Sen. Marco Rubio’s proposed health care alternative would dramatically alter the health insurance landscape in America — well beyond repealing Obamacare.

Rhode Island Senators Join Ranks of Iran Deal Supporters

Hours after a Senate Democrat announced his opposition to the Iran deal, two more have come out in support.

Uncertainty Reigns as Court Takes Over Virginia Redistricting

The same federal three-judge panel that has twice ruled that Virginia’s congressional map unconstitutionally packs blacks into the 3rd District will now be responsible for remedying the injustice it found.

Winds Blowing Against Menendez as He Blasts Iran Deal

Sen. Robert Menendez surprised no one Tuesday when he became the second Democratic senator to oppose the Iran deal, but the momentum is clearly in favor of the deal among Democrats.

Ben & Jerry's Founders #FeelTheBern

As Sen. Bernard Sanders is inspiring some to “#FeelTheBern” of his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president, his leading rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton, might be feeling a bitter Northeastern chill.

Democrats to McConnell: Start Budget Talks Now

Senate Democrats have united to say Republican leaders should not wait until after Labor Day to get going on budget talks.

Office Space: Mike Pence's Inner Sanctum (Video)

Then-Rep. Mike Pence gave a tour of his congressional office in 2010 for Roll Call’s “Office Space” series, which returns this fall.

Edwards Touts Poll Showing Lead Over Van Hollen

While her Maryland Senate campaign has yet to gain steam in the race for cash, Rep. Donna Edwards wants voters there to know she is leading her fellow Democratic candidate, Rep Chris Van Hollen, in a newly released poll.

Ahead of Obamacare Repeal Rollout, Walker Stocks Up On Advisers Familiar With Capitol Hill

As Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker sets out to unveil his proposal to replace Obamacare, he’s been staffing up from Capitol Hill.

NRCC Goes On Air, Online Targeting Three House Democrats

The National Republican Congressional Committee will go up with television and digital ads in three districts this week targeting Democratic incumbents the committee hopes to pick off in 2016, according to a source with knowledge of the buys.

Lawmakers Ask DOJ for Statistics on Sale of Fetal Tissue

Following the controversial release of a string of undercover Planned Parenthood videos, House Republican leaders want to know if the Department of Justice is enforcing bans on the sale of fetal tissue.

Kansas Delegation Balks at Plans to Move Gitmo Detainees to Leavenworth

Pentagon officials traveled last week to Fort Leavenworth in Kansas, home to the military’s only domestic maximum-security prison, to evaluate it as a potential alternative to the detention facility at Guantánamo Bay, a Defense Department spokesman said Monday.

Group Suggests 'Schock Waves' in Illinois Special Election

Most Democratic strategists probably couldn’t name their party’s nominee in the upcoming race for Illinois’ 18th District, or even remember that there is a special election on September 10. But one not-for-profit group is trying to gin up interest in a possible historic outcome, even as the final result is likely to be pretty routine.

NFL’s John Harbaugh Calls Foul on Political Partisanship, Immigration Standoff

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh was nowhere near the Iowa State Fair this weekend, but he still managed to crowbar some political commentary into a preseason presser.

McConnell Praises Efforts to Fight Heroin Epidemic

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is starting the week with praise for the White House’s drug czar.




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