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Ted Cruz on Lindsey Graham-Donald Trump Feud: 'Who Cares?' (Audio)

Ted Cruz has a lot of “friends.”

GOP Seeking Venues to Attack Planned Parenthood

Republicans want the debate over federal funding of Planned Parenthood to take place everywhere.

#tbt: Roll Call Praises John Kasich on Congressional Pay Stance

Back when this publication wrote editorials, newly declared presidential candidate and current Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich won plaudits for pushing back on the politics of congressional pay raises.

Watch Live: Senate Hearing on Iran Nuclear Deal

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee holds a Thursday hearing on the Iran nuclear deal announced last week. Secretary of State John Kerry, Energy Secretary Ernest J. Moniz and Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew are expected to testify.

Alums of Canceled CNN Show Taking Center Stage

Once upon a time, nearly a decade and a half ago, CNN executives cast a vision for a political talk show featuring the next generation of political journalists. “Take Five” was the younger, hipper version of the legendary “Capital Gang.”

President-Elect Donald Trump Announces First Cabinet Picks

Nov. 9, 2016, ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — President-elect Donald Trump announced his first cabinet selections last night, minutes after the major networks projected him as the winner in Tuesday’s election.

#tbt: Donald Trump Spreads Political Donations

What are archives for? In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, Roll Call took a closer look at The Donald’s political donations in a K Street Files column, published just a few months after the launch of Donald Trump’s NBC reality series, “The Apprentice.”

Ahead of Redraw, Virginia Republicans Jockey for Safe Seats

Virginia Democrats say their congressional map can’t get any worse.

High-Risk, Delayed-Reward Strategy for Fighting Menendez Indictment

Sen. Robert Menendez has raised the legal stakes for all of Congress, and bought some crucial time for his own imperiled career, with the aggressive strategy he’s unveiled for fighting corruption charges.

Planned Parenthood Videos: Members Call for Dueling DOJ Probes

In the wake of the release this week of another undercover video of Planned Parenthood officials discussing fetal tissue, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are calling for a Department of Justice investigation — but that’s where any bipartisan agreement ends.

House GOP Appropriators Prepare for Sequester Showdown

House Republican leaders don’t want to be the first to flinch at Democrats’ calls to repeal sequester-level spending caps, but senior GOP appropriators emerged from a closed-door meeting Wednesday in agreement: Congress has to do something.

Senate Votes to Advance Highway Bill (Updated)

Updated 8:31 p.m. | The Senate broke a logjam late Wednesday to advance a bipartisan highway bill despite several top Democrats voting to filibuster the package.

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Lawyer Disputes Data Cotton Used to Block Judges

Lewis Wiener, a lawyer with long experience with the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, disputed Wednesday Sen. Tom Cotton's data justifying his opposition to five judges awaiting confirmation to the court.

White House Faults GOP for Sanctuary Cities

The White House is dismissing efforts to crack down on “sanctuary cities” and the administration blames Republicans for failing to pass an immigration bill.

Senate Invites British Invasion

“Have you switched sides?” Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada asked Pat Roberts on the Senate floor Tuesday night.

White House Keeps Up Export-Import Bank Push

President Barack Obama is pushing hard for a deal reviving the Export-Import Bank before Congress heads home for the August recess — Donald Trump notwithstanding.

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Campaign Finance Loophole Inserted in Spending Bill

Senate appropriators folded into a draft spending bill a provision long sought by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that would relax campaign finance coordination rules between candidates and the political parties.

Congress, Between a Sausage and a Veggie Burger

Dietary allegiances were tested on Capitol Hill Wednesday, as the meat lobby and vegetarian-friendly toque Todd Gray squared off in a culinary tug of war for control of the hearts and minds — and mouths — of the legislative branch.

Defund Planned Parenthood? Sounds Like Veto Bait

Don’t expect President Barack Obama to agree to sign anything defunding Planned Parenthood.

Obama 'Will Veto' Defense Bill Over Guantanamo (Video)

“The president will veto it.”




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