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Early Money Flows Into Senate Races

In theory, Democrats should be poised to play offense in a Senate election where they must hold onto only 10 seats while Republicans defend 24. But a huge, early spending blitz by GOP party committees, candidates and outside groups may upend expectations in contested states from Illinois to Nevada.

Breaking Down the CR Vote

Just 91 House Republicans voted with every Democrat to keep the government open after midnight Wednesday — that’s three out of every eight members of the conference.

Rules Could Complicate Leadership Fight (Updated)

Updated 9:26 p.m. | A rules fight could determine who holds power in the House Republican Conference under a new speaker when the elections are held on Oct. 8.

GOP's Preferred Candidate Passes on Colorado Senate Run

In a surprise announcement, Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler, the Republican whom Colorado and national party leaders had been counting on to challenge Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet, said Wednesday that he will instead run for re-election, according to reports from Colorado’s 9News.

Congress Averts Government Shutdown With Hours To Spare (Video)

Though conditions on the ground looked eerily similar to those that caused a two-week government shutdown two years ago, the House on Wednesday passed legislation to keep federal operations afloat through Dec. 11.

Bipartisan Overhaul of Prison Sentencing Due Thursday

The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to introduce a criminal justice overhaul Thursday morning, according to sources.

7 Shameless Fundraising Pitches to End the Third Quarter

Four times a year, when campaigns reach their quarterly fundraising reporting deadlines, email inboxes across the country start to flood with pitches that seemingly become more shameless each time.

Corker Wants Kerry to Testify About Putin, Syria

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee wants to hear directly from Secretary of State John Kerry about the situation in Syria, as Russia has begun to conduct airstrikes.

DeSantis: Forget President, How 'Bout Ben Carson for Speaker? (Video)

Rep. Ron DeSantis, the Florida Republican who is one of nine founding members of the ultra-conservative House Freedom Caucus, said at a campaign event Sunday he’d be open to supporting an outsider for speaker when the House meets to vote for a new leader Oct. 8.

Paul Gosar Seeks to Capitalize on Pope-a-Dope

Perhaps Rep. Paul Gosar is feeling a little left behind after his very public spat with Pope Francis? He appears willing to bear that cross for just a bit longer — assuming his continued suffering translates into a flood of donations from outraged right-wingers.

Congressman: Expand Obamacare to Undocumented Immigrants (Video)

Updated 5:40 p.m. | Rep Luis V. Gutiérrez, one of Congress’ most outspoken advocates for immigrants, on Wednesday called for expanding the Affordable Care Act to cover all of the estimated 11 million undocumented migrants in the United States.

Office Space: Charlie Rangel's Lenox Avenue Lair (Video)

In this week’s edition of Office Space, Rep. Charles B. Rangel, D-N.Y., shows off African statues, fake fruit and a George W. Bush talking doll.

The Senate Republicans Who Voted Against Keeping the Government Open

None of the Republicans running for president voted Wednesday for a “clean” continuing resolution, which will fund the government beyond the midnight end to the fiscal year.

McCarthy Spokesman: Benghazi Investigation Isn't About Politics

A day after Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., boasted that the Select Committee on Benghazi’s investigation helped tank Hillary Rodham Clinton’s poll numbers, the majority leader’s spokesman insisted the investigations into Clinton “have nothing to do with politics.”

Earnest: Obama Will Veto Defense Authorization (Video)

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters Wednesday the president will veto the defense authorization conference report because of the use of war savings to increase spending.

Government Payments for End-of-Life Counseling Draw More Support Than Criticism

Medicare officials received more support than criticism for a plan to pay health care providers for time spent counseling people about their medical options in case of terminal illness or failing health, an approach that was derided in the past as a path toward so-called death panels.

Boehner Sets Leadership Elections for Oct. 8

Elections for Speaker John A. Boehner’s successor — and other potential leadership openings — will take place in exactly one week and a day.

Two Republicans Launch Campaigns After Whitfield Retirement

Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture James Comer on Wednesday announced his candidacy for Congress in the state’s 1st District – a day after U.S. Rep. Edward Whitfield said he would not seek a 12th term.

Democrats Admit GOP Leadership Drama a Tough Sell to Voters

In the wake of Speaker John A. Boehner’s resignation, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee says it sees an opportunity to push a narrative into 2016 that the House Republican Conference has moved too far to the right for the country.

Mr. Gowdy's Wild Ride

It’s been a wild couple of days for Rep. Trey Gowdy.




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