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Having Won the Obamacare Battle, Harry Reid Is Losing the War | Commentary

The post-mortems of political campaigns are littered with the kind of unanticipated disaster that now confronts Reid and the incumbent Senate Democrats up in 2014. Political strategists, like generals, do what has worked for them before ó even when confronted with new and opposite environments.

Congress faces another budget showdown on Jan. 15 and yet another chance for Reid to unplug Obamacare. He knows a delay could kill the program ó and he also knows a failure to delay could kill his Senate caucus. Again, heís too smart not to know.

Reidís iron stance against any Obamacare delay carries quantifiable risks. His shaky six-seat majority includes 10 of the 12 Senate seats to be contested next fall, and itís hard to see it surviving a single-issue plebiscite on Obamacare. But if Reid puts the brakes on this colossal screw-up, all of us on the right will be forced to wage campaign 2014 on different, more neutral, ground.

To put it in terms Democrats might understand, if Harry Reid likes his majority, he can keep it ó just not under Obamacare.

Brad Todd is a Republican media consultant and was lead consultant to the National Republican Congressional Committee in 2010 and 2012.

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