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Haverly Embraces New Role as Press Secretary

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call
In February, Haverly took on a new role as Shimkus’ press secretary, a dream job that the American University graduate describes as being “a little bit like drinking from a fire hose.”

What’s it like being a new Capitol Hill press secretary?

“It’s going pretty well — a little bit like drinking from a fire hose,” Jordan Haverly said.

Haverly was appointed press secretary for Rep. John Shimkus, R-Ill., in February. With the benefit of a few months’ experience, he explained, “It’s busy. There’s always something happening, always stuff to watch — the news cycle never stops.”

Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms have flipped the 24-hour news cycle into overdrive.

Haverly recalled working on the Hill when House Republicans were just starting to embrace new media after they lost their majority in 2006.

“We were in the minority then, so it was a great way to communicate when we couldn’t always capture the narrative in the mainstream media,” Haverly said. “We could communicate with people through other outlets and get our message out there.”

Haverly started working on the Hill as an intern in Shimkus’ office in 2006, the summer after his freshman year of college at American University. He hails from rural Pennsylvania, but joined the Illinois Republican’s office when he heard of an opening from a fraternity brother who had also interned with Shimkus.

As Haverly progressed through college, he stayed on at Shimkus’ office, becoming a staff assistant and a legislative correspondent by the time he graduated.

“I was definitely busy,” Haverly said. “I don’t know if I’d be able to do it now, but AU makes it a little bit easier because a lot of people have internships and jobs while they’re going to school there.”

American University was the only school Haverly applied to because he knew he wanted to come to Washington, D.C., and work for Congress. He was fascinated by politics at a young age and credits his politically active family for sparking his interest in government.

Haverly’s mother is their home county’s chief tax assessor and has been involved in local politics throughout Haverly’s life.

“My mother had me walking in parades before I could really even walk. She’d carry me,” he said.

After graduating from American, Haverly became a scheduler in Shimkus’ office and discovered that he enjoyed delving into a wide variety of issues, which led him to the press side; he eventually made his way up to deputy press secretary.

In 2012, Haverly left the Hill for a short time to work as a senior online analyst for New Media Strategies. “I thought that was the next step at the time,” he said.

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