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Grow: Aircraft Carrier Production Is a Family Affair

These small American businesses, which are located across pretty much every state in the country, are one of the keys to our success as a nation. They make the parts that build the ships, planes, tanks and trucks that our servicemen and servicewomen rely on every day to protect us.

We build ships, or at the least some key components that go into the building of ships. We build other things, too, but Iím very proud of our role in supporting the American aircraft carrier fleet because I understand how vital that fleet is to our safety and security as a nation.

With Congress contemplating massive cuts to the defense budget, it is certainly important to my business that our representatives donít take the path of least resistance and cut carriers due to their nature as a big-ticket item. Itís also important to our nationís security.

When my dad came to the 14 of us and asked us to prioritize his entrepreneurial ambition over our school clothing allowance for that year, we knew immediately it was the right thing to do. The massive list of competing priorities facing Congress these days isnít as simple to understand as what my family faced in 1973, but the need to employ a little budgetary common sense is the same.

Darrell Grow is vice chairman of the Aircraft Carrier Industrial Base Coalition.

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