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Groups Behind Internet Blackout Launch Online Drive to Register Voters

The groups' voter mobilization effort is "in some ways recasting the traditional relationship between voter and election offices. It has typically been a voter-initiated process," said Doug Chapin, an election policy expert at the University of Minnesota's Humphrey School of Public Affairs. "Just having the opportunity to have voter registration follow a voter from place to place through a push rather than a pull relationship is a change."

TurboVote plans to start a pilot program with county election offices and integrate its system with the 12 states that now offer online voter registration.

While Flaxman hopes that more states will follow the path of Oregon, which relies exclusively on mail-in voting, others foresee an inevitable transition to online voting.

"We will have Internet voting - people sending ballots across the Internet - someday," Chapin said. "The fistfights and hair pulling start when you try to define 'someday.'"

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